Kiskeia Mendoza García


Born in the Dominican Republic, raised in different South American countries, Kiskeia has Colombian roots and is currently based in Spain.


Her artistic work is a vivid rendering of a wide array of animistic information that rises inwardly with a ruthless urge to be expressed on the outside, and that propelled her to become a self-taught painter. 


Her unique painting language serves as a physical life force to the immaterial sentience of the supernatural so that it can take animated and alive forms through the artist’s instinctive brush strokes, which come off as a direct invitation from nature itself reminding us that our perception abilities go far beyond our five senses.

While Kiskeia Mendoza García’s forms are inspired by abstract conceptions or actual natural figures coming from the four corners of the world, there is a connotation which is common to all her paintings and that is more specifically related to a knowledge that is inherent and still commonly held by indigenous peoples: That not only humans, but also other animals, as well as plants, rocks, rivers, mountains and other entities have their own consciousness and memory bank, and that all of them can be energetically and physically interlaced, transmuted and regenerated.

Hence, that trendy motto of “connecting with nature” acquires a greater, deeper and much more transcendental perspective in Kiskeia’s compositions. 

Artist CV (EN)


Artepoli Magazine. GRITOS DE LA MADRE TIERRA. Winter 2020-2021. NXXIX

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