Nou Awareness (2020-up to date)

Honour Her Presence


Inner Worlds: Reconnecting to Mother Earth (2017-2020)

The Rising and Falling

This painting intends to remind us of the need to rise with nature and let our ego fall. We are part of mother nature, not more nor less. As part of the manifestation of life, all creatures of any size or shape are extraordinary and live in collective harmony. As humans, we have become isolated, disconnected from nature and moved by selfish actions. It is time for us to reconnect with mother nature and be part of her immense creativity. Do we want to continue as separate beings towards self-destruction? 

Oil on Canvas. 147H x 95W cm.

Barcelona, 2020


Oil on Canvas. 65H x 92W cm.

Barcelona, 2019

The Journey

Oil on Canvas. 81H x 60 cm. Barcelona, 2019

Natural Connection

Oil on Canvas. 81H x 60 cm. Barcelona, 2019

Jungle from Subconsciousness

Oil on Canvas. 97H x 120W cm.

Mallorca and Barcelona, 2019

This painting is a Jungle that comes from my inner self. It is a world with no reference and without the intention to define it but to be observed and be captivated by it. We tend to look for an explanation for everything, including our existence and purpose in life and forget to feel and live the present moment as it is. 

Blues from Subconsciousness

Oil on Pergamon Paper. 108H x 78W cm.

Mallorca, 2017

Cliffs in Between

Acrylic on Board.

20H x 50W cm

Barcelona, 2019

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