About me

Artistic Approach


ART has been the beginning of the awakening of my deepest being. I found it eight years ago in times of high physical pain and with a feeling of emptiness despite having a prosperous professional career and beautiful family. ART became the centre of my professional life, and I decided to leave behind all the things that did not fulfil my soul. 

My connection with ART goes beyond logic. It is about to let the body flow and express her creativity without any intervention of thoughts. The mind is in tune with the movement of painting. My abstracts usually reflect the connection of my body with Mother Earth, her presence of wholeness. My ART intends to transmit her energy to everyone who wants to see it. It is a wake-up call to restore our connection with our planet and silence the noise of our ego.  The world economic model focuses on satisfying only the ego leading us to self-destruction. My ART intends to call humanity to reconnect with their consciousness. Be in tune with oneself and with our planet. Be in sync with Mother Earth’s harmony.


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