Artist Statement


I am a self-taught painter passionate about intense colors, mostly blues. I am currently based in Barcelona and have Latin American roots which have influenced my colorful paintings.  I have been painting for over 8 years and I started to show my artworks in 2019. I work with oil or acrylic and prefer transparent colors to get as much intensity and variety of colors as possible.  I use brushes, palette knives, my fingers, hands or anything that can provide a wide variety of textures in the creation process. 

I usually do not plan the subject of my artworks and let creativity flow by itself. Discover what I am painting is part of the process. Sometimes I get inspiration from a dream or a brief vision but I never know how it is going to be the ending result. I feel I have endless creativity when I do not think too much. I do not use my thoughts just follow my instincts and what I feel in the present moment.  My artworks resulting from this process are usually abstractions of the universe and nature. I focus more on its essence and presence than in the form. Art is my way of communicating to others about life surrounding us is beyond the form or what we see. It is all about the connection we have with nature, wildlife and appreciation of its PRESENCE.